tabler-icons, licensed under MIT
All UI icons
github-markdown-css, licensed under MIT
Some of the styling, especially for tables and code/pre tags
flag-icons, licensed under MIT
Icons of flags
mint-y-icons, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Certain icons in articles/pages

Special thanks to

danuluu’s programming blogs list
For the excellent list of awesome blogs, from which I drew a good amount of inspiration.
Aleksey ShipilĂ«v’s, Nikita’s, Julia Evan’s and Haelwenn Monnier’s blogs
From which I drew the most inspiration
Peter Pentchev’s personal page
For igniting my love for website badges and the somewhat rare “Created with Vim” badge
Cari D. Burstein
For his Viewable with Any Browser comapign and the awesome provided badges
For his archive of Taylor McKnight’s collection of buttons
Adam Kalsey
For his awesome button maker